Do you dread going into the office on a Monday morning? Are you more excited when you’re working on your own projects, on your own timescale?

Do you frequently feel stifled by the corporate culture, dream of being your own boss, or ever wonder what other career possibilities you might be capable of?

It could be that working for someone else simply doesn’t suit your personality, and too often you find it clashing with your life and career goals.

In which case, it might be time for a change…

Below are five signs that indicate you’re ready to work for yourself and become a franchisee, running your own business:

1. You see a better way to get things done

It’s blindingly obvious to you that A + B = C, but when you raise this at work your suggestions are either overlooked or disregarded by your company.

Becoming a franchisee enables you to make key decisions on everything from business strategy, marketing and new hires.

2. You find yourself going off script too often

Frustrated, you can’t help yourself but deviate from the official script from time to time. But even if your deviation is a success, you get reprimanded from up above for not toeing the company line.

3. You love to pursue new ideas and to get things going

You like getting out there and meeting people, and not being stuck in the office all day.

You need change, variety and challenges to keep you stimulated and engaged. Otherwise your brain switches off and you slide into demotivated, snooze-cruise control.

World Options offers franchise opportunities that enable you to network and connect with people on a day-to-day basis. You set the agenda.

4. Office politics isn’t your thing

 You find bureaucracy, red tape and office politics frustrating at best or a gruelling punishment at worst.

Sometimes you want to simply get things done without jumping through hoops first or waiting a year (or more) for new ideas to be implemented.

5. You know that you could be achieving more, or doing more to make an impact

Whether it’s a small niggling feeling, or you’re largely confident you could be making waves doing something else, if it’s persistent and won’t go away then it’s worth pursuing.


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ANB stands for “A New Beginning” and with offices in the UK and Italy, the word “opportunity” is central to our core values. Not only are we committed to being a fantastic partner to our clients, we strive to provide an environment where people that represent our clients can really excel within their role, enjoy themselves while they perform their actions and build a successful future they can be proud of.

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