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Head of Sales, Cube Online Services

James Ince

" I was a professional football player for West Bromwich Albion and Barry Town United, for 6 years in total. After that, when I was around 22-23 years old, I did some roofing and building work for about one year.

At the age of 23 I joined the business in Birmingham. I picked up everything quickly and in two weeks time I became a leader. I was starting to become quite good at sales and in about 12 weeks I got to the crew leader level. I struggled getting from crew leader to assistant owner for about a year as learning to manage people was a tough skill to learn. After learning from others I became an owner in just 7 weeks, opening my own company called Lifestyle Advertising. I chose this name because of the lifestyle that I want to provide to my beautiful baby boy. I ran an office here in Birmingham for 4-5 years and also in Wolverhampton for approximately one year. I came back to Birmingham in 2014 to run the solar division. My goals are to open 2 offices in the beginning of 2016 and 10 offices before I am 40 years old so I have financial freedom. I love working with people and like to see people succeeding. What I also love about this business is the lifestyle I can have, choices I can make and the freedom to travel to many cities and countries."

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Recruitment Manager and Coordinator

Sonia Sidhu

" I'm 24 years old and have been a part of the business for almost 3 years. I deal with all of the recruitment for the company along with other duties.

Working at ANB Europe has allowed me to meet a variety of individuals and build my own confidence and communication skills. I love seeing the Brand Ambassadors work their way up through the company and watching them grow in confidence and progress."

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"My goal is to open offices throughout Europe, creating fantastic opportunities for the people working alongside us. Also, we want to deliver the highest level of customer service to our clients, along with incredible volumes of customers. This enables us to expand and provide opportunity to the people we work with."

-Mark Cox-Owner and Managing Director-