Business Development Programme

Our Business Development Programme

Welcome To Our Business Development Programme

A New Beginning in Our Business Development Programme

Our business development programme is for ambitious people who want to learn quickly and progress to running their own sales and marketing office for ANB Europe.

The programme typically takes around 12-18 months to complete but you are free to learn at your own pace. The refreshing thing about the business development programme is that there is no seniority; you won’t be held back because you’re new to the programme. If you want to get on and work at a faster pace than others, you’ll be encouraged to do so.

Step 1

1. Brand Ambassador

Learn the essential elements of sales, customer services and providing client services

TIPS: The setting of goals is crucial to the consultant development process in that it helps candidates to measure their own progress against their ambitions. Appraisals are undertaken at regular intervals to ensure that the correct levels of training and support are being provided to help candidates to realise their goals.

Step 2

2. Leadership

Learn how to plan for the future and to train & develop individuals

TIPS: Our intensive product training programme is designed to help everyone to meet their potential and includes the following elements:

- Structured personal development programme

- Full product training

- International training events

Step 3

3. Team Leader

Become skilled at coaching, mentoring and motivating a Sales Team

Step 4

4. Junior Owner

Learn what is required to run a business of your own

Step 5

5. Ownership

Own & run your own marketing company using your business decisions to decide its growth and profitability