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Top 5 Salesman Accessories for a Rainy Day 03/02/2017

It's looking to be a very wet and windy February and March with cold weather too. Here's some tips of what's good to wear as a direct salesman.


Thermal socks are a BIG yes. Keep your tootsies toasty this winter. Most retail stores will sell these. Thermal socks are unisex too which is a bonus!


 When travelling from pitch to pitch it's important to stay fuelled up and warm. Flasks are brilliant to keep warm drinks and even soup hot for hours! All major supermarkets sell these :)


Hand warmers are a personal favourite and a must have for direct sales reps in the window. Get yourself good quality ones like this that can be put into your pockets to last up to 10 whole hours!!


A sturdy umbrella which wont turn inside out with a gust of wind is essential! Many market stalls will sell these types of umbrella's for £5 and sometimes even less! Well worth it if it lasts :)


 Sturdy footwear is essential. Something like these Buckaroo shoe boots is ideal. Smart looking like shoes, but wont let the rain in and allow you to wear thermal socks too!